Public Address and Audio Visual Distribution Systems

A Public Address (PA) system is a collection of audio equipment that allows broadcasts over a designated area. Often found in schools and office buildings, PA systems can be used for general announcements or emergency information, providing a simple way to get information out quickly. PA systems can be basic or advanced, and people can customize them to fit a variety of needs. There are even personal models that can be less expensive, but allow for a much shorter range.

Cable Television, SMATV and IPTV Distribution Networks

In SMATV type of system each subscriber can directly receive the channels from the satellite without altering or changing the original content. So the quality will be always optimum compared to other technologies such as CATV or MATV. The signals will be distributed using Multi-witches, Amplifiers and Taps. IPTV is a system which Television and Video content is delivered using the networking methods (internet protocol) such as TCP IP or UDP etc.

X-Ray and Gamma Ray Cargo and Vehicle Inspection

Gamma-ray and X-ray Systems capable of scanning trucks. This camera is able to produce one column of an image. The systems provide good quality images which can be used for identifying cargo and comparing it with the manifest, in an attempt to detect anomalies. Such systems can penetrate up to 30–40 cm of steel in vehicles moving with speed 13 km/h. They provide higher penetration. They are more suitable for the detection of special nuclear materials.

Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking

Managing a fleet of vehicles is a daunting and a full time task for a lot of organizations which employ their services. Track Vehicle is an application which can help managers manage, identify and track their vehicles in real time using RFID. It can work in multiple medium and is integrated with other application which can leverage from real time location of their vehicles. Features included are :Manage Vehicles information, Manage timely events such as service, registration and licensing, Custom Symbolization and Support for custom maps and public domain maps.